E-care logo

E-Care Reverse Logistics is a Dutch company located in Duiven. We have grown to an importand player in the repair and logistics fields of the European servicemarket. With the strategic position of the Netherlands as a gateway to Europe is our company optimally positioned. In a logistics network that we manage along with our partners across Europe we work towards a cost effective service solution..

Vision on quality

Quality is of paramount importance to us. Through process control and continuous improvement, we realise optimal quality of our services. As one of the first European service companies in the IT/CE industry, we were certified for the ISO-9001 standard. Since then we are annually certified according to the latest ISO standard. Our goal is "Total Customer Satisfaction".

Our services

  • Repair, refurbish and rework of IT and consumer electronics;
  • Logistical service for dealers and consumers;
  • Service solutions;
  • RMA Support & Warranty Handling;
  • Helpdesk for dealers and consumers;
  • Parts and accessories sales;
  • Expanded webtool for dealers;
  • Install service and projects.

Our quality principles

  • Top quality in repair and service;
  • By continuously improving we grow to the position of best service provider;
  • Creating added value for our customers;
  • Challenge our employees to be the best self they can be;
  • Accountability and integrity is paramount in everything we do.